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Your Enthusiasm is the Key

Have fun and play the part

Once you’ve decided to have a portrait session you might feel nervousness about the process. You may immediately start to think of all the things you’d like to improve about the way you look. Less of some feature, more muscle tone, longer eye lashes, the list goes on.


Remember that you are much more attractive than you realize and that no one else sees short comings the way that you may. Once you shed those perceptions and embrace the fact that your photographer recognizes your best features, you are on your way to truly enjoying both the session and the resulting images.


The photographer will emphasize those features in your portraits through posing, lighting and composition. All you need to do is to join in the process and have fun with it.

Step by Step Guide

Pre Session and session

1. Discuss your portrait with your photographer. He needs to know exactly what you want to achieve.​

2. Take care of yourself prior to your session. Skin care is paramount. Shave or wax carefully far enough in advance to avoid skin irritation. Consider manicure and pedicure.

3. Wear loose fitting clothing for at least 24 hours prior to your session to avoid pinch marks from tight undergarments.

4. Practice expressions alone in front of your mirror. See which expressions look sexy, innocent, playful, seductive, etc. Practice poses that make your body look best (yoga poses are useful)

5. Avoid a new hair cut or drastic change to your look immediately before your session.

6. Get plenty of sleep the night before your session, both for your eyes and to sustain the more challenging poses.

7. Bring all your makeup, cover up, foundation, powder, lotions, oils that you may need with you. Also bring any hair care products that you may need.

8. Bring a wide selection of clothing and a loose fitting cover-up garment.

9. Be natural but also push yourself to go beyond your normal look in your poses and expressions.

10.Collect and provide for your photographer, images with poses that you might like to try. Don’t hesitate to choose images from publications that you might not normally purchase.

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